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Christos SOS

I am against dependencies and especially the compulsive ones. I do not like smoking, not because it is harmful, but because it is a compulsive habit. You have to smoke, you have to eat sweets, you do not want to, but something makes you to do it, a bad habit you cannot say “no” to.

As I have said, I am in favor of social media; they enhance communication and enable every human being to learn, see and communicate equally. I believe, however, in the frequent complete abstinence for a short period of time from mobile phones and internet, as a precautionary tool, so that the use of the social media does not become an obsessive burden of everyday life.

Personally, since I had felt tired of the constant communication, while looking for more peace and concentration I spent some time without internet, during which I used to read only the necessary professional emails. It really helped me a lot; I took several important decisions and a lot of new jobs came out.

So, one morning a few days ago I discovered that an internet friend of mine had suddenly died. He was someone I used to communicate with, our views were similar on several subjects, he was close to my age with a bright future in front of him; he had passed away, so simply...

While searching to find the reason, I discovered that he had sent me a Facebook message several days ago. The message was “Christos SOS”, a message I could not answer, a message I saw one week later. My heart is in pain and my eyes are full of tears. Could I have done something to help him? I had also become one of those who do not answer when you knock on their door. I want to believe that my friend, in these last moments, did not misunderstand me; his nice soul gave him a good account. I want to believe that the sweet God had taken him, so that he could rest and find his peace; that he met the Saints he painted and loved. I want to believe that from up there he will understand why the burden in my heart is so heavy…

Rest in peace my brother, may you be remembered eternally.

18-Μαϊ-2017 17:06
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