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Saint Elder Iakovos Tsalikis

A new order for portrait of Saint Iakovos Tsalikis was complete.


14-Jan-2019 13:02

The Holy Monastery of Saint David the Elder in Northern Evia

The Holy Monastery of Saint David the Elder is located in Northern Evia, about sixty kilometers from Limni Evia and within a beautiful natural environment.

Days of glory and development were celebrated by the Monastery in the years were abbot was the Archim. Iakovos Tsalikis (1975-1991), who is a modern saint of the Orthodox Church's ( 22 November 2017.)

Many Christians from all over Greece visit the Monastery to worship the Holy Relics of many saints and, of course, the founder of Saint David's Elder.


08-Nov-2018 16:45

Sketches for invitations

Over the past 15 years, due to my professional engagement with the design and construction of wedding and baptismal invitations, I have created hundreds of children's themes.
I usually draw them on the computer using corel draw, photoshop and corel painter. The main reason is that by painting an image in Pc you can easily change the size, change the colors and add easily the background.


07-Mar-2018 17:41

Classic Cars Watercolors - Classic cars paintings

Did you see the new series with classic cars paintings?  Watercolor is ideal to give movement, freshness, intense color and dreamy mood.

classic cars

28-Feb-2018 16:38

Happy New Year!!

Learn from the past and use it as a tool
to start another year without fear.
Happy New Year!

Dear friends the blog will be updated only in greek version, sorry for that and I try to change it in the future. Thank you


11-Jan-2018 15:54


A new collaboration started with the valuable help of art advisor Maria Migadi, at ARIA Concept STORE in Crete.
At one of the most beautiful Greek islands, the Old Town of Chania, create a thread between contemporary Greek artists who maintain a traditional ouvre one way or another.

Old Town of Chania  Old Town of Chania  Martix  Martix  Maria Migadi  baloukos  baloukos Aria Concept Store  Aria Art Buzz  Aria Art Buzz

06-Aug-2017 10:31

The Sounds of Silence – Part One

A morning in July, I found myself once again crossing the Desert of Mount Athos; a beloved and unique place. When you approach with the boat, you can see the rocks over the calm sea and the small cells that stand out. At a closer look you can distinguish the Crosses on the churches and the path that is lost to the top.

Monks  Katounakia  Karoulia  Kafsokalivia  Desert of Mount Athos  Ascetic

06-Jun-2017 17:23


Our life is a quest for happiness
Happiness is tied to love because man is the product of love.
By saying love, we mean the hugging of two or more souls and in Christianity love is the disposal of man to selflessly offer himself for the sake of the fellow man.

love  happiness

24-May-2017 17:21

Should I stay here or search for something else?

We have many thoughts in our minds, we are troubled by them. The question is very common. Should I stay here or search for something else? I am patient and I hope that something will change; otherwise I will try something new. Without faith, you use your instinct, based on your interest;

thoughts  discretion

20-May-2017 17:12

Christos SOS

I am against dependencies and especially the compulsive ones. I do not like smoking, not because it is harmful, but because it is a compulsive habit. You have to smoke, you have to eat sweets, you do not want to, but something makes you to do it, a bad habit you cannot say “no” to.

As I have said, I am in favor of social media; they enhance communication and enable every human being to learn, see and communicate equally. I believe, however, in the frequent complete abstinence for a short period of time from mobile phones and internet, as a precautionary tool, so that the use of the social media does not become an obsessive burden of everyday life.

social media  dependencies

18-May-2017 17:06
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