Dear friends, here you can find landscapes, routes and paths along Mount Athos. They are unique, gorgeous places that relax you.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Panagia Church near to Iviron Monastery

Harbour of Kausokalivia

Ghurch of Timios Stavros

Mule at kafsokalivia

Waiting the bus at Karies

Karoulia-Katounakia Harbour - Available

Oil on canvas 40x50cm

Karoulia - Katounakia (Available)

Oil on Canvas 60x80cm

Fishing houses at Mount Athos (Vatopedi)

In the harbor outside the Monastery

Arriving at Mount Athos

Arriving at Mount Athos one day in December.

Archangel Gabriel at Docheiariou Monastery

In this work is depicted the statue of Archangel Gabriel, which is in the port of the Holy Monastery of Dochiariou of Mount Athos.

Archangel Michael at Docheiariou Monastery

In this work is depicted the statue of Archangel Michael that exists in the port of the Holy Monastery of Dochiarios of Mount Athos.

Cell of Agios Vasilios at Mount Athos

Going up to Athos, you meet the secluded relics of St. Basil. Beauty and mental uplift. Time has a different meaning here.


Holy Water and cat at Xenophon Holy Monastery

Dog outside Koutloumousiou monastery

Door outside the Konstamonitou Holy Monastery

From Xenophon to Dochiario

Gazing Skete of Timiou Prodromou

Going to Docheiariou Monastery

Going by the coast is a beautiful and quiet path.

Gull following the worshippers

Harbour of Konstamonito Holy Monastery

Karies Agio Oros

Locust at Agia Anna of Mount Athos

Opposite Agio Nilos

A beautiful path, with incredible colors and views.


It is located on the road from Dochiariou to Arsana of Zografou.

Wanderer outside of Chilandari.

It is the point where they place the Holy Icons when a litany is done outside the Monastery.

Outside the Xenophon Holy Monastery Agio Oros

Outside Xenophon Holy Monastery Agio Oros -2

Preparation for fishing

Inspired by the book “Beauty and grace” by Mount Athos Monk Gavriil

Protato Karies Mount Athos

Here it is kept the Holy Icon of Axion Esti

Rock at Agio Oros

Near to Kafsokalivia

Seagull at Mount Athos

With a view of Stauronikita Monastery Mount Athos

A very beautiful πατη going to the Pantokrator Monastery

Outside Xiropotamou Monastery

Arsanas of Zografou Holy Monastery

The harbour a summer day