Monasteries - Hermitages

The monasteries of Mount Athos are 20 in number. They are large complex buildings surrounded by a strong wall with the main features of a Tower with its battlements and machicolations that helped monks to keep the pirates and conquerors away, especially for monasteries by the seaside.
The Athonic sketes are small monasteries that belong to the Dominant Monasteries. They can be organized communities formed by many monastic cabins.
Αpart from Monasteries and Sketes, several Cells are scattered on Mount Athos, as well as Cabins, Seats and finally Retreats and Ascetics.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Dochiariou Holy Monastery

The painting depicts a total front view of the Monastery, as seen from the port.

Monk in the courtyard

of Vatopedi Monastery

New Skete Mount Athos

Total view of New Skete

Simonopetra Holy Monastery

Skete of Agiou Andrea Karies Mount Athos

Beautiful Skete with Russian design

Small Church

Agiou Dionisiou Mount Athos

Esfigmenou Holy Monastery

The painting depicts the Monastery as we meet it coming from the Chilandari.

Agiou Grigoriou Holy Monastery Mount Athos

Iviron Monastery Mount Athos

Xenophontos monastery at Mount Athos

Xenophontos monastery at Mount Athos

Cell at Mount Athos

Εδώ ασκήτευσε ο γέροντας Σοφρώνιος (Σαχαρωφ) του Εσσεχ κατά την παραμονή του στο Αγιο Ορος

Cell of Elderly Iosif the Hesychast

With a view of Kausokalivia Mount Athos

The original artwork is located at Kyriako of Kavoskalivia, Mount Athos.

Kafsokalyvia Agio Oros

Skete Agias Triadas

Cell of Agios Ioannis Theologos

at Kafsokalivia

Cells at Karakallou Monastery Mount Athos


At the dessert of Mount Athos


At the dessert of Mount Athos

New Skete Mount Athos

Inspired by the book “Beauty and grace” by Mount Athos Monk Gavriil

Hilandar Monastery