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The artworks presented here can be purchased online as canvas prints, ready to hang and make your space more beautiful.
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30x40cm 45 € - 60x40cm 65 € - 50x70cm 70 € - 70x100cm 90 €
Apart from the suggested ones, they can be done in any other dimension you desire.
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dochiariou Holy Monastery

The painting depicts a total front view of the Monastery, as seen from the port.

Monk in the courtyard

of Vatopedi Monastery

New Skete Mount Athos

Total view of New Skete

Simonopetra Holy Monastery

Skete of Agiou Andrea Karies Mount Athos

Beautiful Skete with Russian design

Archangel Michael at Docheiariou Monastery

In this work is depicted the statue of Archangel Michael that exists in the port of the Holy Monastery of Dochiarios of Mount Athos.

Agiou Dionisiou Mount Athos

Esfigmenou Holy Monastery

The painting depicts the Monastery as we meet it coming from the Chilandari.

Agiou Grigoriou Holy Monastery Mount Athos

Xenophontos monastery at Mount Athos

Cells at Karakallou Monastery Mount Athos

Dinner in a cell at Katounakia, Mount Athos

Treat in a cell at Mount Athos

Monk at Mount Athos