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In 2019 he represented Greece at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Bishkek Summit 2019 - "Diverse Civilization, Shared Road" - International Art Exhibition by Artists for Peace where he was awarded the "Work of Excellence" for his work "Iviron Monastery".


Christos Baloukos wanderings through the Holy Mountain grounds have
resulted in paintings that are empowering a Holy Feeling !

The plain expression, without any sophistication, strongly indicates that
whatever is represented has been actually experienced. A clear look, capturing
in a unique way the peculiarities of the natural light.  

Earthly colors exchanged liberally with the blue of the sky and sea, magically
highlighting the beauty of the place.

Moments from everyday life become parts of eternity and time seems to stop, a
real visual pleasure.

Monasteries are attributed as mirrors of spirituality placed between earth and
the sky, reflecting the Divine

Irene Koutridou / Artist & Art Critic


Small CV
Christos Baloukos was born in Athens in 1977 and he lives and works in Halandri.
He studied painting, graphic design and Iconography and as a professional graphic designer he owns BestPrint in Halandri since 2006, a company specializing in invitations (
He has undertaken many advertising projects in collaboration with Greek and multinational companies, but also with the public sector. For the last few years, he makes the graphics for many TV series. It also undertakes illustrations as a freelancer.
He has loved painting since his early years, and he developed it next to exceptional artists. The materials that he used is oil paints, watercolor and ink.
Some main features of his work is the limited palette 3 plus 2 color, painting with palette knife who creates beautiful texture and of course the fresh watercolors with color depth.

He has participated in exhibitions in England, Italy, Kyrgyzstan and his works are in museums and private collections in many countries of the world.

1995-1998 Graphic Designer from IEK DOMH
1995-1998 Painting study with the engraver Akis Pirounidis and the painter Basilis Stavrou
1998-2000 Draw & painting study with the painter Stefos Nikolaos
2001-2005 Iconography with the artist Irene Koutridou
Training and experimentation continued with variety of workshops.



View the embedded image gallery online at: