In the works themed around Mount Athos, I employ an original technique that I have developed over the last 20 years.

From start to finish, I use a small spatula and no brush at all. This way, I try to make my works have greater depth, and the carefully raised texture from edge to edge makes them appear more "alive" by having a truth in their depiction. This is my goal. Not just to transfer an image from my travels to Mount Athos, but for this image to be interpreted in its rendering on the canvas, so that I can share with you the love and awe for this unique and blessed place. Each work hides dozens of hours of work, since it progresses slowly until the image is completed. Up close, the works look like simple deposits of color, but from a distance, they create a complete image. In the following video, you can see how they are made.



The works listed below are immediately available, and their descriptions include the dimensions of the canvas and the name. If you are interested in any painting, please contact me by email for the cost and more information.

Thank you very much – Christos Baloukos