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Sketches for invitations

Over the past 15 years, due to my professional engagement with the design and construction of wedding and baptismal invitations, I have created hundreds of children's themes.
I usually draw them on the computer using corel draw, photoshop and corel painter. The main reason is that by painting an image in Pc you can easily change the size, change the colors and add easily the background.

The second option is to make the drawing by hand with a brush and colors. In this case, the drawings have more beauty and, to be precise, a distinct quality.
Watercolor is the ideal medium for children's sketches, because the transparency and gentle mixing of colors create a fairy-tale effect. The sketching of toys, princes, fairies, spinners, carousel, butterflies create a pleasant mood, rest and personally I love it!
Many of these sketches, apart from their use as invitations, greetings and covers, decorate children's rooms, something that makes me particularly happy!
At the end i will add that anyone who marries or baptizes can see my invitations here (
I would be delighted to cooperate and I am at your disposal for any clarification!

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